We have diverse events for improving the communication between our members and take regular meetings for creating novel ideas.


2014 Davinch Creative, September 3 (WED) ~ October 17 (FRI)



2013 Davinch Idea - The Blue Hour : Boundary between Functions and Aesthetics,September 11(WED)!





2013 3rd Meeting, June 18 (Tue), pm 4:30 @ Information & Science Bldg. 403!




제5회 소외된 90%를 위한 창의설계 경진대회 은상 수상!

정승은, 최유수, 정유리, 신용대, 최수정, 김아인




2013 2nd Meeting, May 9 (Thu), pm 6:30 @ Fabrication Lab!




Special Lecture, May 2 (THU), Professor Jae wan.Park @ Seoul National University!




Proceedings of Korean Digital Design Council Conference, April 27 (SAT) @ Busan, Korea!




2013 Kick-off Meeting, April 4 (Thu), pm 6:30 @ Fabrication Lab!




We are looking for graduate and undergraduate researchers from a variety of backgrounds. If you are interested in the position, feel free to contact us!



2013 Media Special lectures at the Global School of Media, SSU.




IT-Media Venture Idea Competition at the Global School of Media, SSU.












Hybrid Media Lab aims to fuse the gap between the physical and the virtual. Our lab is creating and experimenting different physical-virtual integrated products besed on creative design process. Our main interesting field is Interaction design, UX research & design, digital fabrication, design system developement, algorithmic design, and Hybrid Marketing.



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